SplytSecond was the first person to purchase a custom tee from animals of paradise. Since then he has worn the T-shirt in at least two different countries. he's also worn it in countless music videos, and proudly where is the shirt at least three times a week. 

As a brand we appreciate his hard work and dedication to his music and the way he represents himself. And we plan to be with him for a very long time.

Nat Lawrence reside in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. He was one of our first models that took the product and allowed us to take pictures of him around Jeddah city. And a lot of creative insight will definitely be coming from him in the future.

Princess Wasilah. 

Our first female brand ambassador. She currently resides in Alabama. She's lived in countless countries around the globe. As well as she's also the manager of operations in animals of paradise. With her direction and her knowledge of quality, animals Of Paradise has those royal touches.


We met Tiny at the at one of the beaches in St. Croix US Virgin Islands. She was there with her loyal companion and guard dog. We had to then right then and there take pictures of her at the beach. And she's our second female ambassador and also one of our biggest. 


ANR at Animals Of Paradise Studios. He was there before the brand was established. His criticism,