Design credits/shoutouts for our products

We’d like to give credit to Sarah. 
She easily criticized ‘The Ambassador’ by saying too much was going on.
She suggested that we simplify the ambassador. 
And using her advice we created ‘The Elite Ambassador’ garment 

We’d like to give credit Abdel Alim from brand_boom based on what Animals Of Paradise told him, he draw up the sketches for ‘the ambassador hoodie’

As well as Abdel Alim & Brand BOOM printed our first Animals Of Paradise Tee.
We’ve been working with them since the beginning. 
( were still in negotiations with Brand_BOOM to collaborate on luxury )

-SplytSecond for giving us the the SS emblem.
Inspiration wise:

Luxury brands,
The top 5 sport brands.

Saudi Brand IZY Designs

Instagram discovery