The Ambassador

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Image of The  Ambassador

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The third piece to the Return Of Extinction” collection is call the ambassador.

In Animals Of Paradise the Ambassador, the title speaks for it self, If your fortunate enough to posses this piece, once you place this on, you will feel and understand it.

The Ambassador is a hybrid between a hoodie and a roll neck.

The Ambassador contains a middle pouch, that opens an closes via zipper. impressive right.
-inside the pouch are three emblems of embroidery, one is the US Virgin Island flag, St. Lucia Flag, and the Return Of Extinction Double S dragon.

* the bottom front of the Ambassador, has the text’ It’s Okay To Trust'
* The bottom behind the Ambassador, has the text Ambassador.
* The end of each arm has the 'Return Of Extinction' double S Dragon Logo
* The roll next allows for the neck to be roll down, which will have "Return Of Extinction' double S Dragon Logo behind your neck
when rolled down.

(this is pre over only)