the attaché


Image of the attaché

-In Animals Of Paradise, an attaché is prototype, one who adds to the entourage, the experimental method, the one who’s in the game to make a name, a private citizen/expat on a whole different census. At your services.

This attaché is the intro to the collection, the foundation on which every garment is built upon.

-The material is Pakistani cotton.
which feels relaxing on the skin, you will not feel constrained, or held back. You will feel capable, its a comfortable speed, that natural instinct.

-The Double S, is yellow embroidered and has a black circle.

-Inside of the garment includes a label with details of where the garment is made, as well as the 'Animals Of Paradise' alternative logo.

* the left sleeve has the "US. Virgin Islands" Flag embroidery
*Behind the garment, on the back, is the Animals Of Paradise logo. (were behind you, always.)

Wash Instructions: Normal settings are applicable.
Iron Instructions: Iron inside out, then turn back in, if still wrinkled, then place iron settings on medium and continue ironing.
Caution: recommended that you iron the back of the tee inside out and on lite, or low settings.


Image of the attaché Image of the attaché