the envoy


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This is the second garment Of the 'Return Of Extinction' collection called 'the envoy'.

-In Animals Of Paradise, the envoy is selective, more then just a shot caller, gets any job done, appears on rare occasions, an international life liver, and most of all, the envoy is part of you.

-The material is Pakistani cotton.
which feels relaxing on the skin, you will not feel constrained, or held back. You will feel capable, Have you ever felt good cotton on the skin, a cotton that allows you to be released, a cotton that is able to breathe, a garment that synchronizes once on you.

* the left sleeve has The US. Virgin Islands Flag embroidery

* Behind the garment is the Animals Of Paradise logo. (were behind you, always.)

-Inside of the garment includes a label with details of were the t-shirt is made, as well as the animals of paradise alternative logo.

Wash Instructions: Normal settings are applicable.
Iron Instructions: Iron inside out, then turn back in, if still wrinkled, then place iron settings on medium and continue ironing.
Caution: recommended that you iron the back of the tee inside out and on lite, or low settings.

fun fact: Pakistan occupied the fourth position among the cotton growers of the world, the first three being China, India and the United States, in that order.[2] In respect of exports of raw cotton, Pakistan holds third position and is the fourth in consumption (about 30 and 40 percent of its production). It is the largest exporter of cotton yarn.


Image of  the envoy Image of  the envoy